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Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Shorbet Mango

Delicious dessert with high fiber and full of healthy vitamins. Special healthy recipes only for you.

- 2 ripe mango, medium-size, take the meat
- 1/2 cup vanilla syrup
- 4 ½ tablespoons skim milk, dilute with a little water
- 1 wide-cooked gelatin with ½ cup water
- 10 cherry, chopped

Directions :
1. Puree mango until smooth, add the syrup and sweetened condensed milk.
2. Fill with gelatine, beat until smooth. Enter in frezzer, let stand for one hour.
3. Mixer and enter again in frezzer for one hour.
4. After an hour, mixer until smooth and chopped cherries. Stir with a spoon..
5. Get in back to frezzer until frezze. Serve with cherry on top.

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