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Saturday, January 30, 2010

free from ED to the happy couple

Erectile Dysfunction is defined as consistent problem in achieving and maintaining an erection suitable for successful penetrative sex. Erectile dysfunction is also known as male impotence. But having this problem rarely doesn't mean you have ED. One of the factors is consistency, and if a person experiences erection problems in more than a quarter of his overall sexual activities that can be called impotence.


It is easy to be sexually motivated. Sexually stimulated is easy to be too. But to lead your own body to an erection is something people with erectile dysfunction issue are incapable of. We can't control the way our body works mainly because we are not programmed robots. If we were that it would be ideal for us as we would give different commands to ourselves and experience only joy. But this is life and we are humans. Human have lots of health troubles. Erectile dysfunction is one of those misfortunate circumstances that men meet on their way.

Erectile dysfunction is not a one-minute event that just occurred. It is something that has been around always and men wanted to overcome this problem many centuries. There are multiple medical solutions of erectile malfunctioning. Some of them can be collected in the fields (herbs), but most of them should be purchased from a drug-store. Some people prefer to do yoga and extreme surgeries that place implants in penis but that is all unnecessary because one pill should be enough to solve the erectile dysfunction issue every night you want to have sex. When we hear the word "pill" we tend to get a little cautious. We imagine having side-effects or lack of the result. But before these thoughts enter your head - stop them. Nowadays market is full of erectile dysfunction pills that are totally safe and efficient.

Most of the drugs that are present on the US market are FDA approved. They are to be consumed orally or be injected directly into the reproductive organ of the man. We want to tell you about the number one selling erectile dysfunction fighter in the country - it carries the name: Cialis.

Cialis is the longest lasting erectile tablet that is meant for men that are unable to maintain sexual act and perform an orgasm. It is for those who stopped receiving sexual pleasure and want to add some romantic feel to the process of love making. The recommended dose of Cialis is 10mg. The pill should be taken 30 minutes before the intercourse. The effectiveness of the medication is unbelievable as it can still be effective 36 hours after the pill consumption. Pretty incredible that is, isn't it?

But you should understand that this is serious medication. Don't think you can purchase it just to try out. It has some side-effects that you might not want to experience. Usually Cialis is available with a prescription and we would advice you to visit a doctor, have a good long chat with him and decide whether you should or should not order the drug. If happen to choose between the brand and generic variant of the remedy it is always better to go for the generic version. But don't think they make the world of difference. They will both help you significantly and lift your spirits up high when it comes to sex. Sex is supposed to bring you pleasure; don't ever make yourself believe anything else.

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