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Thursday, January 28, 2010

Let Become Healthy Vegetarian

Vegetarian is someone who only consume healthy foods from plant materials (eating vegetables, fruits, plants, algae) and avoiding meat. There are some common vegetarian groups, but there are also groups who are avoiding extreme had not even shot material from the animal.

There are several types of vegetarians, this type of healthy eating show that they apply in your diet everyday:
1. Semi-vegetarian
Flexitarian is a type of vegetarian eating meat cut, the rest vegetarian.
2. Vegetarians some (partial)
Pescatarian is the type who avoid eating meat except for fish and vegetarian course
3. Lakto ovo vegetarians (laktovarian)
Plus vegetarians eat only milk (lacto) and eggs (ovo)
4. Lakto vegetarian (laktarian)
5. Raw Vegan
Is a pure vegetarian-eating species, but avoid foods cooked or warmed above 46 degrees Celsius. This is because it is above the temperature of food nutritional value has been reduced.
6. Total vegan (strict vegetarian)
Pure vegetarian, who not only avoid meat, eggs, milk and fish, but also derived from animal foods such as gelatin in canned food, or even a few do not eat honey

Vegetable fiber in foods proven to prevent many diseases, among others:
1. Inflammation of the appendix
2. Hiatus hernia
3. Hemorrhoids and veins bloom
4. Bowel diverticulosis
5. Bedar colon cancer, cancer of the uterus mucous membranes, and cervical cancer
6. Gallstones in kholetiasis.

How to Be a vegetarian?

If we are not accustomed to being a vegetarian, would be very hard to be a vegan. Not have to be a pure vegan, but good to start eating more healthy with respect to healthy foods consumed. Moreover, there are many benefits to being a vegetarian. A vegan, blood vessels will be cleaner because it tends to consume healthy foods. Besides being a vegetarian can teach us How To Against Free Radicals through healthy eating:
1. Eat green vegetables every day
2. Eat grain bread and cereals
3. Use herbs from natural ingredients, avoid foods with preservatives and monosodiumglutamat
4. Start eating raw plant foods grown in soil with organic fertilizer
5. It's better to choose not to eat meat. Replace with fresh fish or other fresh foods that do not contain antibiotics or other securities
6. Eat only plants that grow in an organic and begin to avoid processed foods
7. Reduce food Cobalan instant
8. Avoid fast food or junk foodsebisa possible
9. Use pure honey or sugar as penanis. Do not use aspartame or artificial sweeteners
10. Diit start a low-salt, with a fixed high-potassium foods.

The many benefits of being a vegetarian also helps us to live healthier and better world.

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