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Saturday, January 30, 2010

Anxiety disorders require treatment

Anxiety makes life hard. It turns life into existence that is full of fears and worries. People are no longer sure they are happy to be a part of this world and it stops them from having a healthy mind. Anxiety and depression are two famous factors that lead to suicides and despair steps.

We all agree that anxiety should be treated but patients need care. They have to feel safe, not vulnerable, as vulnerability in some cases gives the similar impact as attempts of self-violence.

Before any treatment begins we have to try to analyze the circumstance and reasons of anxiety appearance. It is not even a question to discuss whether you have to get medical assistance or not - it is a must. Doctors have to perform a total examination of the body to figure out and conclude whether the patient really has anxiety or not, which anxiety disorders can those be and what else can affect the state of mind of the patient.

It is important for people to understand that the treatment is supposed to be different and absolutely individual for each and everyone. Doctors have to be extremely attentive with their patients when it comes to determination of the issue. It happens so that sometimes some persons have other problems with health that need to be treated as well as anxiety or even before the anxiety treatment begins.

If anxiety disorder is not new to you, please inform your doctor about it and be ready to name the drugs you used. If it is a certain pill or other medication, write down the dose, the period of time you were on it, what was the impact or the result at the end of the treatment. If you had psychotherapy please don't forget to describe it to your doctor, mentioning how often did the sessions take place and what kind of psychotherapy it was in general. Even the smallest detail may matter.

You have to remember that it is not possible to cope with anxiety on your own. You need a person that will work together with you for a good purpose, defending your interests and ideas, being on your team. That person is your doctor. Together with the healthcare specialist you will find the perfect solution for yourself. If something doesn't come out the way you wanted it to do, don't get upset. Give it enough tries to make it give a result. At times we are eager to believe we failed before we actually gave it a possibility to happen. Don't do that to yourself. Hope should always be present as without it nothing really matters.

There are two ways of getting out of anxiety state. There is psychotherapy, as we already mentioned and there is prescribed medication. Both of them are effective against depression and anxiety. Xanax is the name of the drug doctors often prescribe for the patients who suffer from panic disorders and anxiety problems. It gives magnificent results to those who follow a particular treatment schedule that is set by the doctor. If used without assistance drug can be extremely dangerous. Xanax comes with a package of side-effects that will definitely not leave you indifferent if taken more than a few weeks. You have to make sure you don't get dependent on it as it is known for being very strong. If you feel like something is out of order, if you start to notice having memory and coordination problems, fatigue, irritability, and increased appetite - please inform your doctor about those. He will know what to help you with.

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