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Thursday, January 28, 2010


Anemia or lack of blood is condition where red blood levels less than normal. Anemia in people with hemoglobin levels less than 12-13 g%. Anemia caused by lack of consumption of healthy food sources of iron, especially from animal sources. An increase in demand such as pregnant women, morning sickness and pain conditions. Anemia can also occur due to loss of blood in large quantities, delivery and infection.

The signs of anemia seen in the condition of the body, face and skin are:
1. From the squat position while standing felt dizzy
2. Pale in the face, palms of hands, nails and the lining of the eye
3. Easily tired, though not a lot of physical activity but felt tired
4. Weak and easily sleepy

Anemia may result in damage resistance and growth of brain cells that cause pregnant women experiencing miscarriage, infant low birth weight, and can cause maternal and infant mortality. In children, anemia makes the growth of children does not reach the maximum and less intelligence. In addition, anemia causes immune decline.
Anemia can be prevented and treated with how to implement healthy eating. One of them consume a lot of green vegetables. This is because green vegetables may increase the levels of hemoglobin, so then Get More Nutrition From Your Vegetables. Healthy foods from processed soybeans are also very good benefits to keep the body from anemia. In addition animal sources like liver, fish, milk and fruit is very useful to the body condition remained normal hemoglobin.

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