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Friday, January 29, 2010

Functions of water in the our body

Adequate body fluids is very important in the metabolism of all nutrients. Liquids are also associated with the dissolved minerals in it. Lose some body fluids can cause an imbalance in the process of organ work. This is because the active cells such as lung, heart and other internal organs have the highest water concentration.
Water in the body also has many functions :

1. Catalyst
Water is a catalyst in a variety of cell biologic reactions. Water is required for hydrolysis of complex nutrients into simpler.
2. Lubricants
Body fluid is lubricating the joints, which makes bones would be easier to move and do activities.
3. Tool and the carrier solvent
Body fluid as a solvent in nutrients such as fat, carbohydrates, proteins and vitamins minerals. In the water there is also oxygen and hormones and enzymes that your body needs. Water also transports waste to be issued as body waste.
4. Thermostat
Water also can distribute heat throughout the body bagin. So that they can arrange a suitable temperature for the enzyme in the body of work.

Water will bring a healthy nutrients from healthy food that we consume. In pregnant women, the water will be channeled Healthy Nutrition For Baby in Womb. Moreover, if we are fluid enough to keep us from constipation.

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