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Monday, January 18, 2010

Healthy living to prevent Toxoplasma

Healthy is the physical condition of someone who does not limp, and capable of physical and spiritual activities as well. A healthy person can do a good activity for a balanced body metabolism. But with all that happened when everything going globalism and modern, of course we have to keep our health. One way is adopt healthy living to prevent the parasite Toxoplasma.

In previous articles have discussed about Toxoplasma. That is about the life and siclus spread of this dangerous parasite. Toxoplasmosis (toxo) is an infection caused by a single cell parasite toxoplasma gondii. Parasitic protozoa that are obligate intracellular.
Since Toxoplasma can be spread through food or water infected, as well as direct infection through contaminated hands, we have to keep cleaning. So from now on, let's start a healthy life for a better life.

What can we do to prevent the entry of these parasites in the body:

• Wash the base used for cutting. Clean dishes, other cooking utensils with hot, sudsy water after contact with raw meat.
• Avoid eating raw meat or undercooked. Also fruits and vegetables that have not been washed. When we are excited about the raw vegetables or salad, should be washed under running water to remove pesticide stuck to the surface of the vegetables and reduce the possibility of parasite Toxoplasma infection.
• Cook to boiling water and avoid drinking milk that has not been in pasteurization.
• Avoid touching your eyes or brushing face while preparing food.
• Control the insects that can spread like a cat droppings, flies and cockroaches. Use insecticide to prevent breeding eggs and causing parasite Toxoplasma breed.
• If you have a pet cat:
- Do not let you pet going outside the home that increase the likelihood of contact with toxoplasma.
- Ask other family members to help you clean your cat, including bathing, washing cages, where to eat.
-Give your cat to eat the cooked food.
- Make periodic checks on the health of your cat.

Hopefully with a healthy life and consuming food in a healthy way, our lives can be spared from Toxoplasma disease.

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