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Saturday, January 30, 2010


happy mother healthy baby!

How are you mother? Hope your pregnancy situation getting better day by day. Mother, during pregnancy you need a lot of knowledge to learn about health care during pregnancy. Because your health and your baby is very important. Especially if since the beginning of pregnancy you suffer from morning sickness and reluctance to eat. This can make your baby's nutritional deficiencies. And we know, Healthy Nutrition For Baby in Womb is very important that the fetus will be born healthy.
Symptoms of morning sickness that continues to cause pregnant women experience hyperemesis. Hyperemsis is a state of pregnant women with severe vomiting and occurs continuously from the fifth week of pregnancy.

Sign hyperemesis is severe vomiting that makes weight loss, dehydration, acidosis. severe hyperemesis uncontrolled can even lead to malnourished mothers and babies, jaundince and proteinuria.

To fix this, pregnant women are expected to apply healthy eating:
1. Enough fluids to overcome dehydration
2. In the form of dry food, small portions
3. Adapted to the circumstances patients
4. High carbohydrate and low fat
5. Limiting the sharp spicy food

Pregnant women were asked to consume a healthy food that is:
1. Toast
2. Fresh fruit and fruit juice, one of them Apples for Health
3. Biscuit
4. healthy foods from processed soybean, such as soy juice, tofu, tempe

For cooking methods that can be done is by the process of baking or burning. While fruit juice can be made or juice.

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