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Sunday, January 17, 2010

Morning Sickness

Morning sickness is a discomfort in the abdomen that is usually experienced by women in the first trimester of pregnancy. This nausea may be just ordinary sick, nausea to vomiting, nausea until a constant throughout the day so that it is disrupting the comfort of expectant mothers. Young mothers are very vulnerable to conditions outside the body and the conditions that are not comfortable. So, when pregnancy mother attack by morning sickness, it can have a baby in the womb lack of nutrient or exposed deficiency nutrition because mothers are reluctant to eat healthy foods.

Expected to learn and understand healthy eathing, pregnant women will be better prepared for pregnancy:
1. Always make sure the stomach in a state filled. Do not leave blank after nausea or vomiting. It does not matter a bit to push your body. Do not get used to say "fetus did not want to eat" because it really tends to a suggestion of pregnant woman only.
3. Little portion of eat but often. This will greatly help pregnant women to keep the balance of stomach acid to reduce nausea.
3. Eating healthy foods in the form of fruits and vegetables. The water content in these foods help replace lost body fluids lost through vomiting. Besides that, it will helping us from the effects of free radicals.
4. Reduce eating foods with herbs to stimulate. Reduce food spicy, sour and spicy or sharp spices and food is more advisable to bersantan digestive condition well maintained.
5. Eating foods high in carbohydrates that form a solid, such as biscuits or crackers.

Keeping the pregnancy is not only the task of the mother, but also the task of the father. Hopefully with a healthy eating and healthy food during pregnancy, fetal growth we will be better. See you at the next review. Mother happy healthy baby!

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