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Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Fried Squid

Seafood with other variations. Sqiud is one of healthy recipe that also contain high protein.

Ingredients :

1. 500 grams of large size squid
2. 200 grams of chicken flesh mill,
3. 100 g prawn mill,
4. 4 tablespoons onion fries,
5. 2 eggs,
6. 3 tablespoons bread flours,
7. 2 teaspoons salt,
8. A half of teaspoon pepper,
9. Oil to fry

Directions :
1. Clean squid till cleanness. Locking out of its head and casting aside.
2. Mix together chicken and prawn. Shake egg, add pepper and salt. For the last, add fried onion and also bread flour. After that, mix all of the dough until its materials mixed into one. Fill in to squid body, then put its head down again. Jab with rib in order to prevent it releases
3. Heating oil, fry squid in oil until ripe. Offered with tomato sauce.

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