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Friday, January 8, 2010

How To Against Free Radicals

Aging is a natural process that must occur and experienced by everyone. When the skin becomes dry, wrinkled and fat deposition occurs primarily in the abdominal area, aging extremely attack us. More damaged joints, decreased memory and body pain agony are also the symptom of aging. But why there is also an aging without having to experience a variety of health problems?

How to keep your body stay young and not sick when we getting aging?

Free radicals is one of substance that accelerates the human aging process. Some people believe, free radicals accelerate aging occurs more rapidly that it should be. Free radical is an unstable molecule that occurs naturally in our bodies, such as respiration and nutrient substances solution. As well as free radicals that occurs because the substance from outside the body, for example pollutants, cigarette smoke, ozone, herbicides and others.

Because it is unstable, then the free radicals will attack the body's cells and damage our immune. It will make our health decreased. As a result cells become damaged and aging fast. So it has a variety of diseases in old age. To ward off free radicals, we need to consume antioxidant nutrients.

The example are food that contains lots of vitamins A, C, E and selenium. Selenium itself is an antioxidant that when used together will produce a stronger antioxidant than when used individually. Antioxidant foods may consist of milk and processed products, such as cheese, yogurt nd many kind of ice cream.

Beside that, source of vitamin A (liver, egg yolk, carrots, fish oil), vitamin E (sprouts, wheat and grains) also selenium (seafood, liver and kidneys) are foods that can help us to against aging and being healthier.

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