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Sunday, January 31, 2010

Autism health conditions

Autism is a brain disorder that causes reduced to a loss of ability to communicate, and relate to others. Health conditions in people with autism may fluctuate depending on several factors. Many of the small amount of candida, diets that are less orderly and the immune condition is an important factor associated with the autistic child's health. His is why Digestive disorders in children with autism always interesting to know.

This is an example of the health condition of children with autism:
1. Food intolerance
The way to track the condition of food intolerance in children with autism is to record and observe consumption arising from the reaction. Food intolerance can be overcome with a healthy eating through food elimination and rotation diet which if suspected as the cause of the problem.
2. Nutritional disorders and sensory disturbances in eating activities
Children with autism may also experience sensory disturbance with can not smell a certain food. So for autistic children terhilat same cooking smells. This can be overcome by providing a new food and terksturnya form similar to the usual food consumed.
3. Syndrome PST (Phenol Sulfo Tranferase)
PST Syndrome symptoms are dark circles under the eyes, sweating at night. Autistic child's body will be moist and may be experiencing indigestion. PST overcome by high-phenol healthy food such as bananas, oranges, pears, grapes, cassava.
4. Food allergies
Allergies are usually associated with the body's immune system. This is because the intestinal wall autistic children who have food allergies cause leakage. This can be vomiting, dizziness, diarrhea. The fix is to avoid foods causes, triggers and allergens through healthy eating.

Then autistic children should be endeavored to stay on a healthy diet and comply with therapy. Vegetables also provide the child with autism to Get More Nutrition From Your Vegetables.

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