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Sunday, January 24, 2010

Mother, your baby can start eating

Breast milk is best food for your baby. This is because milk contains many essential nutrients required in the appropriate amount for the baby. Besides milk contains antibodies to protect baby's health. While in the womb, which determines mom food Healthy Nutrition For Baby in Womb. Then when he was born, the baby should be given only breast milk. But from the age of six months, your baby will need extra food for their needs continue to increase. These foods will meet about 40% needs. The first principle of extra food for your baby is healthy food, rich in energy and nutrients. You can provide healthy food with the aspect of hygiene, safety and presentation. Here are tips on choosing foods for your baby:

1. Protein Source
Various beans (pea beans, red beans, green beans), processed soybeans, fish, chicken, eggs in the form of chopped or milled. These foods can be mixed into porridge or mashed. However, if still feels rough, the mother should filter back to get the fine in order to prevent problems with digestion or throat. For fish and eggs, should wait until your baby is ready to accept. There is no point in forcing a food which has resulted in decreased appetite and even allergies.
2. Carbohydrate source
Give the low levels of fiber to maintain digestive baby. Carbohydrate sources can include red rice, potatoes or white rice,
3. Vitamin and Mineral Sources
Vegetables that can be mothers choose a vegetable that is easy to swallow. All vegetables should be chopped or filtered to keep from choking. Give the first one kind of vegetable. Only then will vary to some kind with alternately. Green vegetables (spinach), carrots, tomatoes, pumpkins, sweet corn for feed in the menu given.
4. Fat Source
Provision of fat should be more careful. This is because fat vulnerable m, the effect on the digestive emberikan baby. Chose polyunsaturated fats in corn oil as a first step. Giving butter worked gradually so that no rejection reaction on the baby's body.

Baby's growth depends on how we provide a good diet, healthy foods that fit the needs of infants. Then reviewed all of the weight is already experiencing an increase in child nutrition guidelines as well.

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