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Wednesday, January 13, 2010

healthy vagina for every woman

Particularity, of each woman wants to have a healthy intimate areas. But there are times when we fail to maintain women's issues related to sex organs, so that the discharge arises. What is vaginal discharge, vaginal discharge is an excessive discharge from the hole intercourse (vaginal). Discharge may be physiological, but can also be a sign of pathological conditions. Physiological vaginal discharge does not smell and does not cause complaints.

However, pathological vaginal discharge can be caused by tumors, injury or tauma and certain conditions on the cervix or pelvic inflammation. However, most infections cause vaginal discharge is. Among other garnodnella caused by bacteria (bacterial vaginosis), fungi (candida) and parasites (tricnomommas vaginalis).
There is an easy way to overcome white. Having good behaviour and healthy eating can help us to avoid of being attacked vaginal discharge.
Try to look at the diet of our daily. It could be a food may increase risk of vaginal discharge on your menu. If among the list below are the foods we eat often, begin gradually reducing the proportion:
1. Reduce consumption of soft drinks, alcohol and smoking habits
2. To discharge caused by the fungus, reducing foods with high carbohydrate levels. Nothing wrong with breakfast start eating healthy with carbohydrates being. reduce the cake and cake sweet cake. You can replace it with a healthy vegetable biscuits as snacks.
3. Limit the use of high sugar foods and beverages you. Try drinks with low sugar levels. This will be more healthy body and of course good to keep your vagina moist.
4. While increased vaginal discharge, reduce or fermented foods that contain yeast. Look for other food or select a safe way of eating by consuming fresh fruits.
5. Would be good if we also restrict the consumption of fat. Choose foods with polyunsaturated fats, which can be obtained from marine fish or sunflower oil.
Should avoid foods with saturated fats and high cholesterol such as meat with jerohan or thick skin.
If you want to consume fat, chose vegetable fat is more secure.
6. Expand water consumption to accelerate metabolism and avoid yourself from stress.

Apparently not too difficult to maintain vaginal health. Most important of how our discipline to take care of it. Thus, it is expected that healthy eating can reduce our risk of women from white attacks.

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