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Thursday, January 21, 2010


The silent killer disease, or osteoporosis is very dangerous if not treated seriously. Osteoporosis or bone loss is a disease that caused bone becomes fragile and easily broken (fraktur). Bone has a peak bone mass at the age of 24-34 years. Afterward bone become thin because of our body's ability to metabolize the minerals calcium and all the components such as folic acid, vitamin B12 and vitamin D and protein are decrease.

Actually bone are able to maintain it flexibility and strength to stay healthy. However, various patterns of modern life has caused the condition of the bones become brittle. Fragile bones said osteopenia. When osteopenia occurs, a decreased bone mass.
Factors that may cause osteoporosis due to an unhealthy lifestyle is:
1. Cigarette consumption
2. Consumption of alcoholic beverages and carbonated excessive
3. Consume beverages containing caffeine (coffee or the) exceeds normal levels
4. Lack of calcium intake in the diet or menu
5. Rarely physical activity under the sun, so the lack of vitamin D in the active form

The signs of osteoporosis wapadai yng we have is:
1. Backache constantly
2. Body bent (kyposis)
3. Pain in the bones
4. Shorten height
Now, what we need is to keep our bones healthy. For those of you who still are on top of bone mass, try a healthy lifestyle to prevent osteopenia in the future.
Was for those who have passed the peak bone mass, should look at the pattern of daily meals and various activities.
For people affected by osteopenia, food must be examined in particular, and also need therapy. Therapies may be hormone replacement therapy using estrogen and progesterone. Also, non-hormonal therapy with vitamin D.

There is no best way to prevent osteoporosis in addition to changing patterns of life become more healthy by healthy eating and exercising regularly, also keep your mind from stress.

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    Want to share something aboutOsteoporosiswhich I read online just few minutes ago that,

    Regular yoga practice is said to improve the muscle strength and help bones retain their density. According to some, yoga at times also builds back the bone density that was lost during osteoporosis.

    Health Care Tips

    Have a Healthy Time!!

    -- Baiju


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