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Saturday, January 16, 2010

Mini Encyclopedia of heart disease

Heart disease is one disease with the patient in the world. This disease makes our health declining and could result in death. In heart disease and other disorders of the heart known several types of diseases such as:

1. Stroke
Stroke is usually caused by lack of blood flow to the brain. Or sometimes cause bleeding in the brain. There are many factors that can cause symptoms of stroke such as high blood pressure continuously, food consumption is not balanced, and unstable emotional.
2. CHD
This disease can attack the blood vessels and caused patients experiencing a heart attack. A heart attack is usually caused by blockage of the arteries. It preventing the distribution of essential nutrients and oxygen to the brain.
3. Heart failure
A symptom of heart failure. Heart failure is one of the dreaded killer disease. The presence of heart failure causes the heart does not beat properly.
4. Heart valve disease
It is suspected as a heart valve. In our heart there are four chambers that regulate blood flow and blood circulation. Blood circulation is divided into small and large circulation. Damage to the heart valves can lead to decreased risk of heart performance.
5. Pericarditis
That is inflammation of the lining of the heart. Common infection caused by coming from an unhealthy lifestyle. Besides the age and the offspring of lower levels of our health.
6. Cardionyopathies
This disease attack heart muscle. Will have an enlarged heart or stiff diminution or even cirrhosis. If the heart is stiff, the heart can not pump blood normally.
7. Congenitas heart disease
Another name is abnormalities of heart. Common and can be detected in childhood. During the period of growth, it will worsen if not treated.
8. Abnormal heart rhythms
Is a heartbeat abnormalities. The heart that beats more than 100 beats per minute usually called tachayarrhytmias. The beats are less than 60 minutes called bradyarrhythmias.

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