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Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Little knowledge about Toxoplasma

Our health is very valuable, but now there are many infectious diseases lurk. One of them is Toxoplasma. Do you know about Toxoplasma? Here are some reviews of Toxoplasma.
Definition Toxoplasma
Toxoplasmosis (toxo) is an infection caused by a single cell parasite toxoplasma gondii. Parasitic protozoa that are obligate intracellular. So if someone says toxo is a virus, it was a big mistake. The Toxo parasite that lives in another living organism (the parent) and take all the nutrients from its mother.
Toxoplasmosis is zoonotic, as it can cause disease in both animals and humans. In the world, Toxoplasmosis is a parasitic infectious disease most often occurs in humans. Gondii is the only species toxoplasma, so-called Toxoplasma gondii. Toxo parasite is very common in cat feces, raw vegetables and soil. These germs can also commonly found in raw meat, especially pork, goat and deer. Parasites can also enter the body when you breathe in dust in the air. Because the air containing the parasite Toxo infected will cause us to this disease.

Toxoplasma Parasite Life Cycle
There are two life cycle of toxoplasma, namely:
1. intestinal phase
Intestinal phase occurs only in intestinum cat. Digestive enzymes produced by toxoplasma intestinum will penetrate walls. Reproductive parasites produce the millions who are not infectious oocyst, which will be excreted with feces. Outside the cat's body, having oocyst sporulation (sporogony). This happened at the latest 21 days, and produce infectious oocyst. In areas with hot temperatures and high humidity, oocyst can survive up to one year.
2. ekstraintestinal phase.
Ekstraintestinal phase can occur in all animals or humans are infected. In this phase, tachyzoite form (trophozoite) can spread to various organs through the circulation. Later in the network will be transformed into zoithocyste (bradyzoite). Zoithocyste can be persistent throughout life, a form khornik or latent infection.

The spread of Toxoplasma
The spread of toxoplasma can occur through a variety of ways. Oocyst cat feces can infect peroral through food or water contaminated. Also melakuki direct infection through contaminated hands, or perinhalasi. Trophozoite stage can also be found in the circulatory system, which can spread through blood transfusions, organ transplants, saliva, breast milk. On stage bradyzoit, toxoplasma can be spread by eating undercooked meat or through organ transplants. Toxoplasma can also be transmitted vertically from mother to fetusnya (transplasental).

Symptoms Toxoplasma
Toxoplasmosis symptoms occur primarily in individuals or animals who have immune system disorders. People who are sick or who was decreased endurance body can easily become infected. However, non patognomonik, which can complicate diagnosis. In immunocompromised individuals, Toxoplasmosis can also be fatal and can cause kematia. This is because toxoplasmosis attacking various important organs. Clinical manifestations depending on the infected organs. For example in the respiratory tract may be pneumonia, bronchitis, laryngitis (cough-cough, shortness of breath). Also hepatitis (vomiting, diarrhea, joundice), heart (chest pain, shortness of breath), the nervous system (inkoordinasi, mental retardation), etc..

Further infection in the case of pregnant women
Active infection in pregnant women, will cause abortion or congenital abnormalities in her baby. Infection in the attack trismester 1 or 2 are rarely terjad. But it can cause the most severe symptoms. Pregnancy may experience abortion or a premature birth.
There are more than half of babies born without symptoms. But the disease will continue to be progressive if not treated immediately. There is a khorioretinitis, Calcification intracranial and damage the central nervous system. Toxoplasma-infected children can also suffer from mental and physical retardation. Therefore, it is important for us to have knowledge of Toxoplasma.

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