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Wednesday, January 13, 2010

A glimpse of healthy eating for people with diabetes mellitus

Diabetes is a metabolic condition in which sufferers have a high sugar content (hiperglikemi) are chronic. Diabetes is a condition caused by lack of insulin or the body is insulin in the body but there is not sufficient to be able to lower blood sugar levels.

In general, people said to suffer from diabetes when the fasting blood sugar level exceeds 126 mg / dl. Or blood sugar two hours after eating more than 200 mg / dl.
People who have been diagnosed with diabetes or show symptoms of diabetes should have knowledge about healthy eating, among others:
1. Limiting the use of pure sugar cane sugar in food or water daily so as not to exceed the needs of the body. For example the consumption of pretty sweet day.
2. Consuming foods with a level of moderate to low sugar.
3. Looking at food consumption of fatty, fried and fast foods that potentially increase symptoms of diabetes and its complications
4. Fiber intake should be sufficient, at least two servings of fruit dishes.
5. Began to look at foods with high sodium levels, in order to avoid the complications of the disease.
6. Maximize water consumption will be very good for the body.

Equipped also with a healthy lifestyle and regular exercise. Hopefully, with a healthy eating and healthy lifestyles can help us to control blood sugar levels, and avoid diabetes.

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