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Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Say Goodbye To Migraine!

We have many category of headaches, including migraines, headaches due to stress, and sinus.
Migraine, categorized as headaches that attacking one side of the head. Migraine is headache that accompanied by throbbing pain on one side of the head due to the lack of serotonin.

Migraine can be caused by many factors:
1. Inflammation and prolonged stress. Stress will suppress blood vessels and nerves around the head. This causes the risk of migraine may be greater.
2. Changes in weather and seasons.
Substitution erratic season makes the condition of our bodies are not always healthy or fit. If the condition of decline, the body often can not cope with the early symptoms of migraine disease.
3. Bad smell from our environment.
4. Pre Menstrual Syndrome and menstrual disorders.
Hormone that changes during menstruation can make women vulnerable to migraine.
5. Heredity (genetic factor)
6. Food.

However, today's food factors suspected as the cause of a migraine can bring to anyone. Especially on the unhealthy diet, are prone to migraine attacks.
For that we need to know that healthy eating to avoid migraine:
1. Reduce foods containing monosodium glutamate. Foods that contain MSG has the potential things to stimulate the nerves of the brain becomes susceptible to migraine.
2. Preserved foods
3. Foods containing nitrites (nitrites are commonly found in canned foods as a preservative of meat, ham, which can cause dilated blood vessels)
4. Chemical seasoning
5. Wine, alcohol, soda. Ingredients in these drinks can make us more frequent migraine.
6. Beverages containing aspartame.
Look carefully at the composition of foods that we buy. Too much aspartame causes contamination of our bodies.

When we know which foods can trigger migraines. We should keep alert and better our health. This is the smart way to avoid migraine attack us anymore.

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