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Friday, January 15, 2010

Beware of the symptoms of heart disease

We know there are several types of heart disease. It's called high blood pressure, stroke, coronary heart disease, rheumatic heart disease and chest pain. Heart disease attacks the blood vessel system and veins in the heart organ.
There are some early symptoms of heart disease is often underestimated people. One of the early symptoms of heart disease is the indication of chest pain, palpitations, shortness of breath pounding. Don’t ignore if the symptoms of shortness when sleeping on your back and a history of frequent fainting. Other symptoms of pain constantly and continues to vomit. The chest will feel trapped, pain and burning sensation in the chest radiating to the left arm, neck and back.

Symptoms of heart disease if the patient also feels is doing an exhaustive physical activity. This will make the patient experienced shortness of breath, cold sweat and heart pounding and then became unconscious. This can still be overcome if aided by a break to neutralize the activity of the heart so as not to work too hard.

If we have learned that there are family members who experience such symptoms, immediately consult a doctor. In addition, for other family members are expected to go on a diet by consuming healthy food and healthy eating to do. In addition, remind patients to always control cholesterol and blood pressure.

Application of eating healthy is very important because patients need proper treatment.
Try to:
1. not over eating
try to create balanced meals with your body condition. Eat small portions but more frequently recommended than the big meal, but afterwards you are hungry. Because it would cause you to eat more at the next meal.
2. Avoid fatty foods
Reduce fried foods or foods that contain saturated fats. Choose meat inside, or chicken without the skin will be healthier to consume. It would be better if you eat fatty fish that are polyunsaturated fats.
3. Avoid alcoholic beverages
Avoiding alcohol is very appropriate if we want to live a healthy life. Soft drinks should also be reduced portion. healthy drink like milk, yogurt and more water will prolong the working life of your body organs.
4. Consumption of fruit and vegetables
Fruit and vegetables are the main list of healthy food menu. Rich fruits and we will help the heart work better and make us more healthy.
5. Enough physical activity
Do not forget to exercise. Simply walking 10 minutes every day. Or body stretching activity every two hours when we are in a busy routine.

All of the above items is the best way to get a healthy heart for the survival of our lives.

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