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Saturday, January 23, 2010

Nutrition Effect For Cancer patients.

Cancer that does not treated can cause adverse effects to the nutritional state of the sufferer. Nutritional problems during cancer therapy is common as a result of treatment method lived. This can make a bad effect for nutrition state of the cancer patients. The body organs are affected by the impact of therapy will be member of reciprocity in various forms. Below is the important thing to be observed regarding the effects of bad nutrition :
1. Mouth, tongue and jaw
Effect of therapy on cancer patients causes difficulty in consuming food orally.
2. Esophagus
Food will be difficult to enter the esophagus for a while after therapy.
3. Stomach and pancreas
Occurs in gastric dumping syndrome or disorder of iron absorption and vitamin B12. While an interruption in pancreatic fat absorption and fat-soluble vitamins, calcium, magnesium, protein, zinc. And can also cause diabetes mellitus, so that healthy eating is very necessary to note in cancer patients.
4. Small intestine and colon
In cancer patients, abnormal metabolism in the small intestine can cause symptoms of lactose intolerance. Disturbance of fat absorption and fat-soluble vitamins, weight loss and disruption due dehidrahi vomiting. In the colon was made disturbances of water and electrolyte absorption.
5. Esophagus and lung organ
Swallowing difficulties may occur and dysphagia
6. Overall abdominal
Cancer patients will experience symptoms of nausea, diarrhea or vomitus.

We must be cautious to the effects of poor nutrition in patients undergoing cancer therapy, so that we can properly take care to patients. This will be useful to maintain the status of the cancer patient during therapy.

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