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Sunday, January 24, 2010

Healthy eating for cancer patient

Cancer is a disease characterized the uncontrolled cell division and with the cells' ability to attack other biological tissue. Uncontrolled growth is caused by DNA damage. Cancer cells also cause mutations in genes that control vital cell division. Mutations are often caused by chemical or physical agents called carcinogens. we know that cancer patients should receive special treatment related to his disease. That's why nutrition effect for cancer patients can occur during cancer therapy. Because every organ of patient affected by chemical things that use in therapy.

One was the effect is decline nutritional status continuously. This is because the patients have nutritional problems during cancer therapy that minimize calori intake. Here is a healthy eating that can be recommended to people with cancer :
1. Serve snacks at any time
The provision of snack foods in cancer patients is expected to spur the patient to always eat but not at mealtimes. Fill the distraction mild digestion with the easy levels are processed so that the stomach is not empty that could trigger an increase in stomach acid.
Suggestion: a small cake without sugar, nuts, dried fruits favored patients, ice cream, yogurt. Pudding is also a good source of calories and easily digested.
2. Provide a concentrated source of calories
We can use the fat to get high calories in small quantities. But be careful because the fat can cause nausea in the stomach and discomfort in the throat. Pay attention to the selection of good fats for cancer patients.
Suggestion: add the margarine to mayonnaise, hot soup, stir-fry vegetables, mashed potatoes and toast. Serve warm food in a state so that the amount of fat can be added more and feel better because of the melting state (not frozen).
3. Prepare high-calorie foods in the form of solid
High-calorie foods will make a patient's nutritional needs are met, so that nutritional status can be maintained. Usually the amount of fried foods will be higher calories because it contains fat in it.
Suggestion: Serve chicken or beef fried with flour and butter. We can also be prepared hot chocolate and pudding using whole milk.
4. Note the pattern serve of food and beverage
Suggestions: - Soft drinks with artificial sweeteners should be avoided.
- Raw fresh foods such as salads or fruit should be served at the end of the meal
- Drinks should be given to patients after a meal (this will be better than given before or at meal times)
Patients with regular diet and start eating healthy food will make nutritional status proved to stay awake until the end of the period of the cancer disease therapy.

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