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Thursday, January 7, 2010


Constipation is a condition when people throw away it feces not regularly. The symptom are sign by hard and difficult to throw away feces. Most of people who infected by constipation just throw away it feces two or three times a week. People usually feel that the rectum not really empty.
The cause of constipation
Constipation can happen because of many things, such as :

1. Organic disorders,
Example bowel obstruction, interruption of blood flow to the colon or accidents in back nerves.

2. Lack of activity,
It can be happen to people who take a long bed rest. Maybe for five or more days. Usually occurs in patients in the hospital that having a treatment for a long time

3. Medicines,
Don’t you know that using ulcer medications, transquilizers or sleeping pills overdose can make you suffer constipation.

4. Lack of dietery fiber

5. Hypothyroidism, hypercalcaemia and neurological diseases Parkinson’s

6. Psychological factor

Recommendation on constipated patients :
1. If the causes is because of organic disorders, we must go to the doctor.

2. If there are no specific causes, it is better to prevent constipation by combine exercise, high dietary fiber in our food. Try to do it naturally first.

3. Fruits and vegetables are source of good fiber. When we eat them regularly, it can keep us save from constipation.

4. Try to drink eigth glass of plain water a day. It very help to make our feces become normally.

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