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Saturday, January 23, 2010

Diit For Gallstone Disease

Gall bladder is one organ that is used by the body to store bile produced by the liver. By the time we consume food, the gall bladder to contract out bile to the intestines. This fluid is composed of proteins, bile acids, bicarbonate, salt-gara, calcium, bilirubin and cholesterol terkonjungasi. This fluid is useful at the time of absorption of fat and fat-soluble vitamins. In addition, disposal of bile is not necessary substance the body.

Gallstone disease may occur because we don’t eat healthy food. It will make many deposition of cholesterol, salt, calcium and bilirubin become hardened in the gall bladder. Gallstone formation is influenced several things, namely: race, gender (men were more potentially affected by this disease), pregnancy. Obesity and drugs, and anemia increases the risk of gallstones.

There are a few suggestions and advice is important to prevent gallstones, healthy eating can help us avoid the risk of gallstones:
1. Maintain weight remained normal. People with gallstones should maintain an ideal body weight and prevent obesity. limit consumption of calories will allow us has not affected the gallstones to avoid this disease.
2. Lowers cholesterol
High cholesterol levels also trigger the sediment pile that makes gallstones.
3. Protein in sufficient quantities
Protein is not prohibited, but should be consumed in sufficient quantities. healthy foods from processed soybeans which varied with low-fat meat would be better.
4. Eat high-fiber foods
Gallstone sufferers often experience constipation. It is advisable to consume healthy foods high fiber such as fruits, vegetables that are not out of gas. Fruits and vegetables will provide vitamins and minerals as the body needs.
5. Avoiding fatty foods
When about to perform surgery, fat consumption should be completely controlled. Low-fat Diit needed to keep the body healthy Adar. Before and after surgery is minimized fat in foods to prevent gall bladder to contract.
6. Avoiding foods that can interfere with digestion.
Avoid sharp spices or herbs to prevent too many other symptoms that arise as a result of digestion.

Make the eggplant as a food that helps the process of wound healing after gallstone surgery performed. For those who have symptoms gallstone disease, we recommend maintaining a healthy lifestyle, consider the consumption of food and fiber to maintain normal digestion remains.

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