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Sunday, February 21, 2010

Healthy Diet For Early Month Of Pregnant

Congratulation mother, you are pregnant!
When you already know that you are pregnant, then you need to know some of the changes that may occur during pregnancy. During the first trimester, is a critical time because of the formation of organs in the body of a baby. Was the mother, remarkable changes in physical, emotional, and hormonal. typically occur for the physical enlargement and hardening of the breasts and nipples widening milk. Emotional mood characterized by frequent mood changes because no law. The most obvious is the hormone that causes you are experiencing morning sickness and the effects of severe hyperemesis.
Whereas the fetus you need Healthy Nutrition For Baby in Womb which makes the fetus healthy.

Fill the fetus needs a balanced nutritious diet, for example:
1. Calories
Fill the little portions but often your carbs. If the mother is less calories, then the baby growth process will be disrupted. Try eating biscuits with vegetables, sweet potatoes, oats for your baby's health.
2. Protein
The substance of this type is the basic structure of the new cells the fetus. Consumption of healthy food such as meat, cheese, fish, eggs and nuts. Get used to receive all types of food so you do not become pregnant women voters.
3. Fat
Healthy fats obtained through healthy eating with sauteed vegetables using vegetable oil from soybeans or sunflower seeds. Marine fish is the right choice. Eat fish will help your baby's brain tissue to grow more optimally.
4. Fiber
Do not get hit by constipation when pregnant. Or hemorrhoids can make your pregnancy discomfort. Consumption of vegetables and fruits regularly, balanced with beans. Membrane beans contain fiber and lots of protein there. So highly recommended for pregnant women.

Do not forget, water consumption because Functions of water in the our body as a solvent material and essential nutrients. Apply simple method for your pregnancy to be healthy and fun.

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